Conversion Book



Conversion Book

Along with our other shops, and located on the same site, our 35,000 sq. ft. metal warehouse is able to offer a comprehensive inventory of steel products that are purchased direct from the major mills across North America.  With our extensive inventory items, our capable, friendly, and experienced staff can utilize our industry partners to source any non-stocking item that you require.  We have the ability to quickly service customer needs; whether large or small, orders can be cut to custom lengths.  We offer same day pick-ups and orders can be quickly delivered to any location with our modern fleet of delivery trucks.  Please contact us with any inquiries you have and we will do our best to service your needs.

"If we don't have it, we'll be happy to source it for you"


We carry a wide variety of even and uneven structural and non-structural steel angle.  Our angle ranges from 3/4"×3/4"×1/8" to 8"×8"×3/4" and 2"×1-1/2"×3/16" to 8"×6"×1/2"


We carry a wide variety of steel channel.  Our channel ranges from 2" to 15" in 20' and 40' lengths.

Flat Bar, Solid Round Bar, Solid Square Bar

We carry a wide variety of band iron, flat bar, solid round bar, and solid square bar.  Our flat bar ranges from 1/8"×3/4" to 1"×12" in 20' lengths.  Our solid round bar ranges from 3/16" to 2" in 20' lenghts.  Our solid square bar ranges from 3/8" to 2" in 20' lengths.  We can also custom cut thicker material or special request sizes at our processing shop.

Square Tubing, Rectanglular Tubing, Round Tubing

We carry a wide variety of square tubing, rectangular tubing, and round tubing.  Our square tubing ranges from 1/2"×1/2"×.065 wall to 10"×10"×.375 wall in 20', 24', 40' and 48' lengths.  Our rectangular tubing ranges from 2"×1"×.065 wall to 8"×6"×.250 wall in 20', 24', 40', and 48' lengths.  We have a few different sizes of round tubing available in 24' lengths as well.

Plate - Sheet - Expanded Metal

We carry a wide variety of sheet, plate, and checker plate (floor plate) in 4'×8' up to 10'×40' sizes.  The thickness of plate ranges from 16 guage (1/16") up to 6".  We also carry a great selection of expanded metal in 4'×8'-5'-10' sheets.  We can also cut thicker plate in our processing shop specific to your needs.

Pipe (SCH)

We carry a wide variety of schedule pipe.  Our sch. 40 pipe come in 1/4" to 8" in 20' and 21' lengths.  Our sch. 80 pipe comes in 1/2" to 6" in 20' and 21' lengths.  Lighter, heavier, and longer pipe is also available upon request.

Wide Flange Beam - I Beam

We carry a wide variety of both wide flange beam (H-beam), and I-beam in 20' to 60' lengths. ‚Äč 

Bar Grate - Grip Strut - Stair Tread

We carry a wide variety of Bar Grating, Grip Strut, and Stair Tread material.