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Charity Events

Our ownership, management, and employee team all love to get involved in various community events.

Promotional Business Projects

Sureway has worked with some of Canada's biggest companies to help them with some of their incredible marketing and promotional projects.  They are used for everything from parades, to shows, to all kinds of events in our own communities.

Hunter School of Business - University of Calgary

Members of our management and ownership team were honoured to take part in a mentorship program for the Hunter School of Business through the University of Calgary.  Helping our next generation of talented businessmen, and businesswomen through mentorship ensures a better economic future for our city, province, and country!

Donations & Community Involvement

The Sureway ownership group, as well as it's employees, take an active role in our community through donations and involvement in various charity events such as cancer research, Business for Calgary Kids golf tournament, and much more.  We are committed to making our community a better place to live, work, and do business!

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